SAGBRAW    98, 99

   by Cathy Bennett (flatlander)

Best Viewed at 800 by 600

Last week with Scott I rode my bike 
We talked about SAGBRAW and the things we like
About riding around in Wisconsin with friends
Laughing and playing until the day ends
We've built many memories, that's for sure
On our 350 mile bicycle tour. 
Waking up at dawn, eating breakfast and then 
Packing up and dragging our gear to the van again.
Riding all day (usually into the wind) 
Stopping to rest when we're too tired to spin. 
Riding some more 'til we find the next school 
Hoping to find a spot in the gym that is cool


But this only outlines the events of each day. 
What we really remember is the fun as we play. 
Like going for lunch in a town called Green Bay 
Then driving around wondering where Bonnie might stay. 
"I know just where we are, take a right. " someone said.
"Oops!" Not expecting to find a dead end up ahead. 
Now, I know that last year those shops were not there.
Does anyone believe me? Come on now, be fair.


We're all proud of Kent, how he rides his new bike.
We know that riding on hills he just doesn't like.
But he flies up them now, not like before
When he rode his pink Diamondback 
and carried lots more.
 I remember riding with Kent two years ago
That day going up hills he was kind of slow.
Later that day some old man was so mad
That Kent parked his bike close to his pad.
So I very politely said, "I'll move the bike now"
As I picked it up I found it weighed 
as much as a cow!
So Kent, the good natured soul that he is
Emptied his bike pack of that and of this.
 Unfortunately, while riding the very next day
He needed that pedal wrench or whatever you may.
Remember searching for Doug on that foggy morn?
We found him, had a f lat, hope that tire's not torn.
But luckily for all of us Bill jumped right in.
If there were time trials in flat repairs
 Bill surely would win.
If you ever have to ride on a very windy day
It's right behind Scott that you want to stay.
I've never known anyone with such a steady pace.
That why I make sure to reserve my place.
However, remember you must never stray.
 Or you might experience the famous
 Johnson breakaway.


Riding, riding all day long.
Every few minutes Bill breaks out in song.
Wolling down the wiver  is his favorite one
As we pedal around in the Wisconsin sun.
And we all enjoy hearing about Bill's great boss.
 Is it true or is he scared his job might be lost!
We certainly are a talented crowd.
Creating new books, silly poems and singing out loud.
Our first two titles, (they just might bring a tear)
Are Random Date and Romance in High Gear.
We really need Blair to ride with us again.
To hear Chapter Three, 
"How Earl and Luanne Did Sin".
And I don't remember if Bonnie ever did state
The subject matter of Random Date.
Every day about Bonnie we found out a new thing
Like she's a Costa Rican golfer with an amazing swing.
When Bill found out he wouldn't leave her alone.
In restaurants, gymnasiums; 
he plans to practice by phone
We learned that Doug is able to read in his sleep.
A handy talent, I think Ron just counts sheep.
Maybe cause Doug's rested he could finish the ride
Not like some of us, where is our pride?


We like meeting new people, it's almost a game
Though I'm not so sure that they feel the same.
We'll ask Karen (if she comes back-is she brave enough?)
How it felt to be our new friend, could it be a little tough?
Having several people after you all day
Moving in with our beds, "Is it OK if we stay?"
So far I've forgotten to mention food.
Funny, since it is the favorite activity of this brood.
The highlights, I think (although I could list a lot more)
Ice cream museums, bakeries, a third time at Phil Rohrers.
And I just have to say, isn't it great
If you're too full to finish Ron will clean up your plate.
We are all quite impressed how he can pack it in
Especially for a guy who looks so young and so thin,
Weren't we lucky that when Ron's bike did break
Pam was right there for us and ready to take
Ron and his bike into Fish Creek for repair.
Pam must be psychic to have known we were there.
Since we decided to be positive I don't think it crazy
To leave out the part about friends who are lazy.
We won't even mention how some people clean
Or don't clean their bikes, 'cause that would be mean.


We were glad that Billy came to see us all.
Perhaps, maybe, it was the girls he came to call.
It's amazing that with this year's mileage of ten
That he could keep up with (and beat) the men.
We hope he's inspired by riding Dad's cool bike.
It'd be fun to have him come next year,
 it's something we'd all like.
Thank goodness for Packer Backer, our saving grace.
She gets there early and stakes out a place.
And also she's there for us when we're ready to bail
I Whether we're sore, have broken bolts,
 or there's rain, sleet or hail.
I want you to know you are wonderful friends
This poem's too long, I'm obsessed ' I must end.
Here's to many more bike rides, adventures and miles
Much laughter, and friendship and bright biking smiles.
Love, Cathy





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